During the early years of mobile phones, these gadgets were designed to perform a single function — make and receive calls.

Nothing much!

If you want to access the internet, take cool photos, or even do some basic graphic designs, then you’d need to use your computer and camera.

Well, everything has changed. Phones are no longer those pretty cute devices you use for calls.

It’s much more than it. And with a smartphone, you can perform some surreal actions that were deemed impossible in the last couple of years.

Talking of phones, there are two leaders in the industry — iPhones and Samsung.

These giant brands are in the business of producing great phones — and in most cases, customers are pretty much confused on the right brand to choose.

During the era of Steve Jobs, iPhones were the leading mobile brands — no brand was even close, but the same cannot be said at the moment.

One striking semblance between these two devices is the price. You can get these phones in the $500 and $1000 mark.

Fairly, the juicy features of these giant beasts justify their price.

You get what you pay for — and it’s worth it.

The war between iPhones and Samsung is pretty tough, but before you make your next purchase, here are a couple of things to consider.


The physical size is one of the apparent difference between the iPhones and the Samsung brand.

iPhone XS has a screen size of 5.8-inch with a resolution of 2436 x 1125. The iPhone XS Max is quite larger with a screen size of 6.5-inch and a resolution of 2688 x 1242.

Samsung also produces phones with similar screen size.

The Samsung S9, S9+, and Note 9 have a screen size of 5.8-inch, 6.2-inch, and 6.4-inch, respectively.

Their resolution is the same — all three models have a resolution of 2960 x 1440.

Your decision would be based on your needs and other factors like portability and eyesight.

Using large screen phones provides benefits like:

  • Larger screen for better typing
  • Larger images for visual contents and reading
  • Larger screens in Samsung phones support app multitasking. Apple products do not offer similar benefits.

On the downside, larger screens do not fit comfortably into the pocket, are less convenient, and the cost of repairs is on the high-end.

Generally, there is no much difference between the two brands when it comes to smaller screen size. However, if you’re into a larger screen size, you should opt for the Samsung phones as it offers cool functionality like multitasking.

Photo Quality

Both brands offer great camera features that could replace your average camera.

In terms of photo quality, there’s no clear distinction between the two brands. But here’s what you should know…

You’d see that the cloud details are not fully displayed with the Samsung, but the iPhone showcases the minute details, and the tree colors are also retained. This is not to say that the iPhone has superior photo quality than the Samsung.

Samsung phones are more preferable for night shots since the devices are built with larger aperture — large aperture permits more light to hit the sensor during low light. This key feature makes it better for taking better shots in dark places.

Generally, there’s no much difference in terms of photo quality. Your choice would be dependent on your photography needs.

Screen Quality

The screen quality is pretty much the same. Both brands use highly-calibrated, sharp, bright screens. And it’s also designed with OLED displays.


If you’ve got a big budget, then you’re in for a treat.

The Apple iPhone XS Max goes for $1,450 while the Samsung Galaxy S10+ goes for $1,600.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the low-end iPhones that go for $340-$450.

Both Apple and Samsung phones are pricey — and to get a pretty good phone at an affordable price, you’ve got to look out for the models in the $500-$700 marks.


If you’re a creative or a game lover, then the graphics and processor speed would be of the essence to you.

A quick test with the Antutu software reveals that the iPhone XS is pretty much faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Although Samsung offers an excellent processor and graphics speed, if you want better phone performance, you should go with the iPhone.


Both the Samsung Note 9 and the iPhones have a maximum internal storage capacity of 512GB, but with the Note 9, you’ve got the option of extending the capacity with an external MicroSD card of 512GB.

Therefore, those who’d need more storage capacity should opt with the Samsung brand.


Having a unique password has always been an issue for both iOS and Android users.

With the latest iOS 12, there’s better password integration with Apple products. And if you’re looking for a reliable product to handle your various website passwords, then iPhones would be the best fit.

Conclusion — Make Your Choice

There’s no doubt about this — both Apple and Samsung products are the best out there. And you’re choice should be dependent on your unique need.

Luckily, these phone brands support major apps. Therefore, you won’t miss out on the excellent fun apps.

Finally, you should buy a case to safeguard your phone from external elements.

Samsung vs. iPhone — which is your favorite brand? And why is that?


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