In this article, you’ll learn how to clear your Android keyboard history. But before we proceed, let’s have a clear understanding of the subject matter. So, that brings to the following question:

What is keyboard History and why is it Important to Clear?

Keyboard history is the searched words used by your device to retrieve information. When searching for something or sending messages using your phone keyboard, all words typed will automatically store in your device. When those words are re-typed, the keyboard suggests them to you.

One of the advantages of that word suggestion is that it speeds up your typography. It is a great functionality that comes with modern smartphones. However, it has its problem—and a costly one at that.

Let’s take, for instance; you did search some couple of passwords or emails, which you don’t want people to see—those are for your private eyes only. Assuming a third party gets your device, connects to the internet and decides to conduct a search using your phone; at that point, the keyboard by default suggest your emails or passwords—it may seem unlikely, but never rule out the possibility—and boom, you just handed over your “private keys.” To this end, it is important to clear keyboard cache. Otherwise, you may lose your sanity when the unthinkable happens.

Android Keyboard Delete Key

This functionality is known as a predictive keyboard. It is a technology that enables your keyboard to learn from you—how you talk and use it to predict your next line. Another thing you could do is to teach the technology the common words that you type instead of typing them over again. The good thing here is more than one way exists to clear Android keyword cache; if the words to be deleted are few, you may go by the following:

Clear Android Keyboard History

It is as simple as a walk in the park and achieved in a couple of seconds, so let’s get to it. When you want to clear your Android keyboard history, this step-by-step guide will suffice regardless of the version of your android smartphone.

Step #1 

Navigate to the Android device settings. Locate the Setting in the drawer of your apps. After clicking on it, locate Language and Input and click on it too. This tab allows you to do a lot, but that is not related to the subject matter, so let’s proceed.

Step #2

Now choose Samsung Keyboard—I’m teaching this guide with a Samsung phone. Your keyboard will depend on the device you’re using, so select yours.

Step #3 

You’ll be greeted with a window pop up by clicking on the Samsung keyboard. Select “Predictive text.”

Step #4

At this juncture, scroll down until you’re able to locate these two options:  “Clear server data” and “Clear Personal data.”  The function of the first option is to allow you clear unknown collected data, while the second one will grant you the opportunity to clear every personalized language data. Click on these two options if you want to clear the keyboard cache.

Step #5

If you’d rather continue to clear your Android keyboard cache, it is possible to lose all that Samsung keyboard has in its memory about your writing style, as well as new words saved. Immediately you click on the OK button, all cache words go to the thrash.

In case you’re wondering what a cache is, let’s me bring you up to speed on that subject. A cache is an area on your smartphone that accommodates applications or Internet files. When your phone stores information—commonly accessed information—in the cache, it responds speedily to request.

Take, for instance, if you visited a website for the first time, it would take a longer time as opposed to your second visit. The reason is that during your first access, the website was not “cached.” After that visit, your phone stores relevant files of the site in your cache. Next time you visit, your phone will quickly access its cache rather than download it once again; the phone saves you time and bandwidth by that action.

The information as provided here shows how simple it is to clear Android keyboard history. I want to believe the steps are easy to understand, so prevent unnecessary headaches at the least expected time. It might seem like it is nothing, but it’s better to take precautionary measures; you can never tell, your phone could end up in anybody’s hands.

Meta: Here is a guide that shows you how to clear your Android keyboard history. Those predictive texts you see at the top of your keyboard while typing could get you into trouble.


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