We all know the benefits of teaching our kids to learn an instrument early on. We also know that the best and easiest way to do this is through an application.

So, if you’re still not convinced, here are the top reasons to download Piano Kids.

1. It’s free!

While it’s true that there are so many piano apps out there that are free to download, the app themselves are limited. But that’s not the case for Piano Kids! Sure, they have in-app purchases but it’s just for removing ads permanently.

The better question would be, “why haven’t you downloaded this free app yet for your kid?”

2. It’s loaded with benefits for your kids.

The title of the game is Piano Kids but in reality, your child can learn a lot more than just playing the piano!

The app is loaded with four different modes: Instruments, Songs, Sounds, and Play. Each of these modes has even more options. For instance, you can learn the piano, electric guitar, saxophone, drums, flute and xylophone all in the Instruments mode! In addition, you can choose from the variety of songs in the Songs mode for your kid to listen to.

All these modes and features have the sole mission in mind – to entertain and educate. So, by not downloading the app, your child’s actually missing out on all these benefits.

3. It’s accessible wherever you are.

The good thing about a smartphone is that it’s mobile. This means you can virtually go anywhere without feeling disconnected to anything or anyone.

Of course, the apps you downloaded also go with you. So, whether you are, in the school, the train, a field trip or in the house, your child can still have a learning experience at the click of a finger. How convenient is that?

4. It’s one of the most popular piano apps out there.

Another reason to download Piano kids is that it’s one of the best piano apps out there! The app has a badge which states that it’s the ‘Editor’s choice’.

This means that the app is recognized and handpicked by Google Play itself. Apps that are handpicked by the Editor are not just any apps. They are the best and the most popular out there. And with over 10 million plus downloads, Piano Kids has already helped a lot of children develop their musical prowess.

5. Its interface is simple and attracting to kids.

When it comes to learning, kids are highly influenced by visual presentations. This means that they care more for the visual part rather than texts because they’re still developing.

Orange Studios Games came up with a very simple and easy-to-play app that is the Piano Kids. Children love to learn through interactive materials and Piano Kids does just that. From songs they can hear and see to games that educate, Piano Kids aims is a must-have learning tool for children.

Final Thoughts

A child’s development can be influenced by many things such as environment, genes, and the things they are taught. During these formative years, their brain constantly develops and absorbs everything they see, hear, feel, smell, and think.

Exposing children to music at an early age gives them all the wonderful benefits that music can give. Technology allows us to have easy, educational, accessible and free apps to download such as Piano Kids at the tip of our fingers. These are all the reasons to download Piano Kids but most importantly, we care for our children’s growth.


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