Nintendo has released the sequel of their famous Super Mario Maker game at last. Like the previous Mario maker game, you can create your own courses yourself and share them with the world.

Super Mario Maker 2 release date was on June 28, 2019. It is available only on Nintendo Switch.

There is no Super Mario Maker 2 limited edition but Nintendo has added a lot of interesting features and modes in this iteration of the game. In this article, we will show you some of those new additions. So, let’s dive right in…

Different Multiplayer Modes:

There are several multiplayer modes in the Super Mario Maker 2. We will cover one by one in this section down below.

Couch Co-Op Mode:

To play this mode, you don’t need to have an internet connection. You will just another player to play with you. Both of you can create the levels together. You just need another controller to plug-in. And, both of you can play locally from the same device.

The best part is – after both of you have created the levels, you can play against each other. But this time, you can add another couple of players. This mode supports up to 4 players. If you want to play the game against or with friends and family then this is the best mode to try on.

Network Play Mode:

You will find two more modes in the ‘Network Play’ mode. They are Global Play and Nearby Play. Here’s more about these two modes:

Global Play Mode:

This mode is also divided into two categories. They are Multiplayer Co-Op and Multiplayer Versus.

  • Multiplayer Co-Op (Online):

In the Multiplayer Co-Op mode, you can play with other players from around the world. Here, you will be assigned a random character and a random course will also be chosen. Then all of you will try to go through the level without failing. The interesting part is that each of you doesn’t have to finish. Even if one of you finishes all of you will win.

  • Multiplayer Versus (Online):

And, in the case of the Multiplayer Versus mode, you will play against other players. Each of you will be given a random character and the courses will also be random. This is a competitive mode. You have to compete against up to 3 other players. Whoever finishes first will be the winner.

Also, some of the levels will have particular challenges to overcome. If you play better, your ‘versus rating’ will go up. If you want to test yourself against player all over the world then this is the best game mode of Super Mario Maker 2.

Nearby Play Mode:

This is another Super Mario Maker 2 new feature which is pretty interesting. With the help of this feature, you will be able to play with several other players from your neighborhood. All of you must have your own separate game and Nintendo Switch.

One of you will be the host and make a virtual room. And, other 3 players can join the room to play the game. Remember, if you have poor Wi-Fi, then it won’t be enjoyable to play this mode.

What you can do with the online membership?

By this time, you are now familiar with almost all of the online and offline multiplayer game modes. These modes are very entertaining, indeed. But there’s a catch. To play all the online game modes and try other online features, you must have Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Without this membership, you won’t able to enjoy the online related contents in the game. Here are some of the key online features you can try with the online membership:

  • Upload your own courses/levels online for other players
  • Download other players’ courses to play offline
  • Play other players’ levels online
  • Multiplayer Co-Op Mode
  • Multiplayer Versus Mode
  • The Endless Challenge
  • Customize your profile
  • Commenting on others’ courses
  • Getting ranked in the leaderboard and more…

Profiles & Character Customization:

If you create your own levels, you can share them with other players online. If they like your creations, then you will earn ‘Maker Points’. And, with the help of these points, you can unlock ‘medals’ and items. That way, you can also change your characters clothing to customize it your way.

Play other player’s courses:

If you want you can play the levels other players have created. You directly paly them while you are online. Otherwise, you can also download them for playing offline at a later time. You can search for courses by different filters like Difficulty, Game Style, Region, Tags, Popularity, and so on.

Also, you can sort them by categories like Speed-run, Puzzle-Solving, Sweet and Short, Auto-scroll etc. Nintendo has stated that players all over the world have already created over 2 million courses. And, it hasn’t been a month since the release. Insane numbers, isn’t it?

Upload courses you have created:

Not only that you can play others’ courses but also you can upload your ones. You can upload your course using the ‘Course World’ menu. Then other players will find your creation and will be able to play. Added to that, they can leave comments about your courses. However, you can opt out from receiving comments on your courses if you want to.

Endless Challenge Mode:

In this mode, you will be able to play levels after levels until a game over occurs. Before you begin, you can select the difficulty level and you will be assigned to a random level. After you have finished one course, another will begin. Your scores will be added to the world-leaderboard.


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