Soulset which was released on 17 December 2016 is one of the most popular games now has a brilliant update that would make the gaming experience even more exceptional.

What Is Soulset?

It is a PC game developed and published by NoBreadStudio and has been very popular with the people who like adventure games. It has a 95% rating on Steam. Soulset is basically a kind of a novel where you can be present in the storybook because it is in the form of a game. You will be able to navigate through the storyline with the help of the character which you would be portraying known as Mariko. As the game developers have put it, soulset is a mystery romance.


You would have to survive in this game against all the odds and pursue a relationship with both male and female characters. The game has sexual content and may not be suitable for children. Parents must be vigilant about what the content of the game is and then only allow the youngsters to access such games. Other than sexual content which includes partial nudity and implication of sex; this game can also come into question because of the graphic violence, blood, and Gore, explicit language as well as the use of alcohol. Such graphic scenes can have a long lasting impact on children, so viewer’s discretion is always advised.

The storyline starts with Mariko who is trapped in a sinister looking mansion along with five other people who have no remembrance of who they are; other characters include Marco, Apris, Shira, Shirr, Feathor, Youvane, etc. Mariko can only recall bits of information regarding the death of a mother and also a mysterious stranger who had come after that incident to help out of the situation and even her dragon, Isshin. She cannot find the stranger or dragon in the mansion and now has to interact with the other characters to find out the meaning of all this and her fate. There are a total of 7 characters that Mariko can pursue. The person or character you trust will dramatically change the storyline and will mold the novel according to your choices.  The game has several possible endings as much as 20. You will be able to play this game from your Windows, iOS as well as Linux PC.

Steam Updates

There have been several problems with the game regarding the storyline achievement, and since the game has over hundred words which new were being added with updates, there have been typos which create a lot of problems for the people who are playing the game. This problem also culminates to the fact that the realistic feel which the game is supposed to provide is missing and it game not as fun as it should have been. The update fixes the ease inconsistencies and would impress the players who have wanted to get over these minor problems. There has also been a patch which would help the player to go back to the beginning basement scene after the game has ended and not the very beginning so that it does not waste a lot of time.

It doesn’t matter if you are every player for someone who wants to try out this is the genre of gaming, you would enjoy soul set as it has a lot of options which you can navigate and get a beautiful storyline for yourself.


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