The developers of PUBG mobile Tencent Games Studios have come out a new version update of mobile game as the 0.13.0 version that will enabled users to find insane tricks and new additions that will keep the players more hooked to the game than before.

People have congratulated the one who developed this game for every type of phone from Android to iOS. Now available even to be played on your PC, a new update is available and we are excited to show you what’s new!

  • Release Date

The PUBG mobile game is releasing its latest version 0.13.0 on the 12th of June, 2019. Gamers in India might be able to get their hands on this new version in the latter half of the day by the maximum. The developers have made people jump on their seats with this announcement and have also shown what are the latest additions and updates from the previous version.

  • What’s New

Since the time Tencent Games studios first introduced PlayerUnknown BattleGround in 2018, it has changed the face of the world of mobile gaming. With such intense and innovative ideas already out there in the market, what could they possibly add on to a new version?

  • One of the updates that sound the most exciting is the inclusion of Team Deathmatch to EvoGround which has been described in the game as a new mode called “features fast-paced firefights in both FPP and TPP.”
  • Another addition to the version is that gamers can find an upgraded third-party app prevention system as well as an enhanced detection of cheating behaviour via the emulators, Virtual app, and modifiers.
  • There is also a showcase of the MVP system at the end of each match, and all the players will be receiving a default MVP pose in every game.
  • Another addition is that there is now a button dedicated specially for climbing, and this can be enabled from the settings within the game.
  • Recently in the previous year, the Godzilla theme was presented by the Tencent Games as a part of the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla: King of Monsters crossover and this is now also available in this new update.
  • Along with so many updates, PUBG Mobile is also receiving a gift for its popularity and a ranking reward and at the same time, a Charisma Ranking system has also been introduced to the game.
  • In the Vikendi mode, each player will now be leaving footprints, tire tracks and trails on the snow on the ground.
  • In this new update, if and when a player is killed by friendly fire, the players can now decide if the teammate who died should lose merit for it or not.

New Improvements

You can now survive till the Dawn in the game and even during the Darkest Night changes during the gameplay, which includes the following added features

  • 4 new types of zombies
  • New Liquid Nitrogen Grenades that leave behind a cloud of freezing smoke on the ground for a long period after the explosion which reduces the speed of movement of any unit in the affected area.
  • Availability of new mode combat modifiers
  • Some type of zombies now has new abilities too that include- Tanks can empower nearby allies; the Skinners can slow down the players nearby.
  • The police station has been replaced by a new factory.

Play The Exciting Game Today!

Since the maintenance period is now over, get the latest version of the game on your mobile phone without any delay and enjoy the various updates, improvements and everything!


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