When you mention Overwatch back in 2016 and 2017, people would get all over you. That’s because it was the biggest thing back when Fortnite and Apex Legends didn’t exist.

But is Overwatch still relevant today? How big is Overwatch in 2019? We’re here to answer that and more so stay tuned up to the end!

History of Overwatch

With the rise of Fortnite and Apex Legends, is Overwatch still popular in 2019? To answer that, we need to go back in time specifically when Overwatch was released.
2016 – On May 24, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released the game Overwatch for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was released not as a free-to-play nevertheless, it saw 20 million players as of October 2016.
2017 – The game only grew in popularity as time passed by as by October 2017, it had over 35 million players worldwide. A lot of new maps, characters, and balance patches has been added at this point too. Another reason for its popularity was the unending support of the Blizzard developers. Aside from the change in terms of service to combat cheaters, they listened to the players and provided support.
2018 & 2019 – Today, Overwatch is as popular as ever gaining over 40 million plus players and counting as of May 2018. Three years later, Overwatch has already seen hundreds of patches and changes. A lot of people still play the game despite the rise of newer titles.

Overwatch Streamers

Another reason why Overwatch remained relevant today is because of the streamers.
Because people want to get better at the game, they watch the pros. They also watch streams of competitions and some started to stream as well.

As proof of the popularity of Overwatch, the game is top 8 on the most watched games on Twitch as of July 2019. It overtook popular games such as World of Warcraft, PUBG, Minecraft, Apex Legends and Hearthstone.

Here’s the list of Overwatch Twitch Streamers to watch in 2019:

  • Kephrii
  • Dafran
  • Emongg
  • Iddqd
  • Surefour
  • KabajiOW
  • Gale-Adelade

The Popularity of Overwatch in 2019

Overwatch has seven game modes which is an indicator that it’s still a popular title today because more game modes mean that the player base is split up 7 ways. But so far, players have no problems matching up even in different game modes.

Also, even though a lot of players are switching to other games, that doesn’t mean the game is dying down. That’s just the nature of games. People are always looking for something new but the classics will always be in their hearts.
However, Overwatch is still as popular as ever in 2019 as we can see from the number of tournaments they have yearly. This year only, there are 22 major Overwatch tournaments worldwide. The prize pool varies but averages to hundreds of thousands per tournament. The number of tournaments has been mostly consistent over the years since the launch indicative that Overwatch is still popular even in the pro scene.

Overwatch Download Size

Overwatch is a system dependent game having so many heavy elements and animations. But what exactly is the download size of Overwatch on different platforms?

The download size for PC averages from 20 GB higher depending on where you download it. For the other platforms, expect a similar size.

Final Thoughts

We hope we answered your question on how popular Overwatch is. Just keep in mind that sometimes, the number of players is not the only indication of the popularity of one game. This number fluctuates regularly as with other games. Overwatch still has many tournaments held yearly as well as streamers who play it religiously as evidenced by its Twitch ranking. In short, Overwatch is still as popular and is getting bigger as time goes on.


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