Before going into the details of the various aspects of the best-selling video game Minecraft, a short introduction of the game and a few statistics will be in order.


Minecraft a sandbox video game was created by Markus Persson a Swedish game developer and released by Mojang in 2011. Players are required to build with different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. This requires a lot of creativity of the players who can play in various modes as will be seen later.

Minecraft games have received a lot of awards and critical acclaim. Social media has played a major role in popularizing the game. By late 2018, over 154 million copies had been sold across all platforms, making it the second-best video game of all time behind Tetris. In November 2014, Microsoft acquired Mojang and the intellectual rights of Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Around mid-2018, Minecraft had around 91 million active players monthly.

Minecraft compatibility

Minecraft can be installed and played on a number of platforms and operating systems, from desktops to consoles to Internet-enabled devices of various screen sizes such as smartphones and tablets. These include –

  • Desktops – Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows 10.
  • Consoles – Xbox One, Xbox 360, Play Station 4, Play Station 3, Play Station Vita, Wii U, Switch, and New 3DS
  • Devices – Compatible with operating systems iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

Minecraft Game play

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game. Players have a lot of freedom to choose how to play the game even though there are no specific goals to accomplish. However, there is an achievement system that players have to aim for. The game starts in the first-person by default but there is an option of third-party perspective.

The world of Minecraft is composed of “blocks” which are rough 3D objects such as cubes and fluids of various materials like dirt, stone, water, lava, and tree trunks. The core of the game play is taking these objects and arranging them in a 3D grid. Players can then move around the world, “mining” blocks and placing them appropriately to build things.

Minecraft modes

The Minecraft latest version has a number of modes that players can opt for.

  • Survival Mode – Players are required to gather natural resources found nearby to create certain blocks and items. Depending on the danger of monsters around them they might have to build a shelter at night too.
  • Creative mode – Players have access to the full inventory menu of items and resources and can instantly place or remove them. The focus here is to build and create large projects.
  • Adventure mode – This was added to Minecraft games version 1.3. The design is to make players experience customized Minecraft maps and adventure. Players have to obtain required items and go through adventures as intended by the map maker.
  • Spectator mode – Players have to fly through the blocks and observe game play without any form of direct interaction. This game mode can be accessed only in the Minecraft latest version within Java or PC edition.

These are the Minecraft modes in a nutshell. Once you go through Minecraft Download and have it installed, you are assured of an experience of a lifetime.

Minecraft servers

You can connect seamlessly and join millions of other players over a console, phone, or Windows 10 through massive community Minecraft servers. Servers are individually huge online worlds. You can choose your own fun through mini-games competing against your friends. Or you can hang out with other players in vast worlds and explore custom-crafted environments.

Connecting to official servers is easy. Click on the “Servers” tab on the Minecraft game menu on your Windows 10 computer, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or smartphone/tablet. However, before connecting, you should sign up with Minecraft free Xbox Live account – you do not need an Xbox to do so – and get a Game-tag with your username and profile to be used across the entire Minecraft games environment. However, a full Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for Xbox One players wishing to access all the online games.

There are certain in-built safety features in Minecraft servers. Young players can be kept safe online with child accounts. Those below the age of 13 have online multi-player functions disabled by default. They will be allowed to join Realms or servers only after a parent changes their account settings.

Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft skins, textures and worlds designed by the Minecraft community are now available in stores for mobiles, consoles and Windows 10. Once you buy Minecraft skins, you can use them forever on any compatible device. Minecraft marketplace offers an infinite flow of creations to determine the way you play. Minecraft community offers unlimited options to explore new Minecraft maps, change the game environment, and unlock new Minecraft skins.

Minecraft latest version

Every new version of Minecraft apk has exciting and futuristic changes, designed for a more thrilling game experience.

Here is what you will get when you download Version

  • A skin chosen from a skin pack will now be available on all Bedrock devices with the same account.
  • Players now receive a discount from villager trades while they have the Hero of the Village effect
  • When a raid starts, a horn is heard by every player in the dimension, coming from the direction of the raid spawn point
  • Added loot dropped by pillagers and vindicators during a raid
  • Added screen for Accessibility in Settings
  • Many changes and bug fixes

Minecraft promises a breathtaking experience for players of all ages. It is food for creative minds as well as those with an adventurous temperament. Choose your Minecraft mode and your friends and go for an exhilarating world tour.

DOWNLOAD the game now with the following links below:

Android: HERE




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