Opera Touch has added an all new features for the iOS software. With this feature in its place, it will help you in getting the fast web search, and this is also designed in such a way that it was very much user-friendly and secure as well for all users.

Opera Touch is a browser which is built for iOS and other systems. The features that you all will get in it is like you can do some fast web search, and the design is one of the best things in this app. The design is such that you can browse things easily and conveniently. Other than this all, the browser provides you with best and excellent kind of safe and secure browsing for you all with an in built native ad blocker.

But as the demand for this browser is getting high, the company is updating this to make it more interesting and advanced. With the recent update, Opera Touch for iOS has updated its app and in the app is now got an in built Crypto Wallet. This all new move is said to be following with the integration of the Crypto wallet which exists in the Opera browser for other platforms like desktops and Android devices.

If you look at the latest Opera Touch version, then this brings you with Web 3 support to iOS. With this thing at this place, all the iOS devices which all use this Opera Touch browser now got the ability to run the decentralized applications. All these applications are said to be based on Ethereum Blockchain protocol, and with this, it got Crypto Wallet and some Web 3 support to all Windows, Linux, macOS systems.

The updated version for Opera Touch which is version 1.9.0 is said to be bringing you with Crypto Wallet. This all helps you with some debuted on desktops, and that is during September last year. Later the same update makes its way to Android devices in December.  With this kind of feature, it allows you to make online transactions which are done by using the cryptocurrency and all you can get all kinds of access to the Ethereum tokens, non-eligible tokens, and stablecoins. Apart from this all, you too get the support for Ethereum Web 3 API which helps you to enable the interactions without any extra extensions for the browser.

To show the users about the scope of Dapps, especially on iOS, Opera has got partnered with Marble Cards. This new Dapp helps to transform the webpages to the digital collectible cards, which are known as Marble Cards that can be used in Ethereum Blockchain.

According to Charles Hamel, who is the head of Crypto at Opera Software, said that Opera was the very first browser which helps to make you use the crypto on the web seamless and in an easy manner. But with some demand from users who all come from Crypto-community, this browser now got the facility for this in iOS.

If you want to get this new and updated version of Opera Touch for your iPhone, then you just need to head to the iOS app store. There you can search for this app, and you can find a 57.1 MB size app. You need to tap that to update or to download the app to your iOS device. This app is said to be compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone and for installing and running this, you need to have the iOS 11 in your device.


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