Well, it’s been fun (sort of). Although we can’t say we’ve ever been true fans. Early Nexus tablets were honestly quite the rage. But, the likes of the Pixel Slate had a lot of software issues, so we’re not particularly surprised by this move.

In fact, we endorse it. Google announced that it is officially putting an end to Google tablet production and laying the entire venture to rest to focus on laptops going into the future. Of course, the Chrome OS will live on and will be used for laptop production while Google continue to support Pixel Slate users that are still holding on in denial.

Google officially terminate tablets

Now you may have been one of a few who saw the potential in the Pixel Slate, but ultimately, this seems like a step in the right direction for Google. And with two smaller tablets in the works being cancelled, its looking likely that we night see the Pixelbook’s successor sometime in 2019. Here’s what Devices & Services SVP at Google had to say. Google tablets really were a venture with potential that just couldn’t seemed to find its feet. For example, the Nexus 7 was a great little piece of tech, but by the time the bigger version came out in the Nexus 9 and 10, it just didn’t sit right. Android OS had a hard time dealing with the large display and, ultimately held the device back (no fault to Googles hardware).

Far from the best Android tablet

So, what was the best Android tablet? Some say the Galaxy Tab S4 is the smoothest tablet money can buy. And you could argue that the Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet ever made in terms of usability. Either way, one thing is clear: neither Nexus or Pixel Slate breaks the top 10 for best tablets in circulation. It’s always wise to double down on your strengths, and for Google, it just isn’t tablets. At the end of the day, Google realized it simply wasn’t worth trying to take on Apple with the Pixel Slate (we assume that’s what they were going for).

What does the future hold for Pixelbook?

Pixelbook is already a solid piece of kit, with a fantastic keyboard, slick design, and great screen. With news of the new model on the way, Google users can get excited again. We’re expecting the Pixelbook 2 to rock some major changes in 2019 to make up for Google throwing in the towel. And if you’re still using a Pixel Slate, Google themselves issued an announcement saying they will continue to improve Chrome OS for tablet users, but that could well be an empty statement to make the slow death of your time with the Slate a little less grim. What device are you sporting?


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