Microsoft’s October 2 Fall Event: What to expect

Rumors that Microsoft was planning some kind of Surface event for some time this fall have been circulating for months. Today, Microsoft made that official, sending out invitations to an October 2 event in New York City. But this event will likely be about more than just new hardware, I’m hearing. Credit: Microsoft Lately, Microsoft […]

Schneider Electric may have shipped USB drives infested with malware

Schneider Electric has warned customers that USB drives shipped with some of the firm’s products are potentially infected with malware. USB flash drivers sent with Conext Combox and Conext Battery Monitor products, part of Schneider Electric’s solar power range, were “contaminated” during the manufacturing process, according to a security advisory released by the industrial equipment […]

Crims not spooks dominate cybersecurity threats: Sophos CEO

“We’re fanboys of AI, but particularly deep learning and how it applies to cybersecurity,” says Kris Hagerman, chief executive officer of Sophos. “With deep learning we can now basically process every single piece of malware on the planet.” Deep learning turns one of the cybercriminals’ strengths into a weakness, Hagerman told ZDNet last month. A […]

Aussie Broadband draws ACCC ire over absolute claims

Oops Aussie Broadband, that’s a paddling. (Image: ACCC) Despite topping the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) speed-monitoring report, Aussie Broadband has been told to remove claims its network was “congestion-free”. The ACCC said on Friday that Aussie Broadband had been promoting its network using such terms since July 2017, with ACCC chair Rod […]