Macbook Pro 2019 is truly a hype, not only for Apple lovers. Check out our article to see if Macbook Pro 2019 is really the laptop of your needs.

By the end of 2019, we will have set our eyes on the newest flagship of MacBook Pro. Some think that Apple is moving too fast, releasing devices quicker than the money getting into people’s bank accounts. The MacBook Pro 2018, which is an upgrade of the 2017 model, hasn’t even lasted for a year in the market. The 2019 MacBook Pro rumors state that it comes with better features and upgrades to make your MacBook experience better. If your MacBook Pro 2018 is up and kicking well, you may not need to upgrade to the 2019 model, but if you would like to upgrade, you may have to wait for a few months.

MacBook Pro Release Date Rumors

At the moment, Apple hasn’t confirmed the date the MacBook Pro will be released, but there are a couple of rumors surrounding the official launch. Moving with the release pattern and the company’s launching records, many have predicted that the MacBook 2019 release date to be August or September. The 2017 model was launched in June of that year while the 2018 version was released in July.

According to MacBook rumors, it might be launched in an event during the fall. Another word went around suggesting that MacBook Pro release was canceled for release in 2019 and the event was pushed to 2020-21, but the rumor had been wrongly interpreted following a misunderstanding with Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s report. All we can say is that whatever the date the MacBook Pro 2019 will be released, it will be before the year ends.

Early June 2019, Apple made 15-inch MacBook Pro configurations public. The configurations touted Intel’s newest 9th gen processor which is the 8-core Intel Core i9. These configurations will be in the MacBook Pro 2019 and features in the latest MacBook Pros 2018. The MacBook Pro 2019 is expected to get major revamp too.

Display Features to Expect from the MacBook Pro 2019

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s report, Apple is planning on two different MacBook Pro designs. The first design will have a 16-16.5 inch HD display. This is a clear indication that Apple is going back to larger Pro screens since they launched a 17-inch pro in 2012 and went for smaller size afterward. Apple thinks the demand for larger displays is increasing, and they want to satisfy the needs of their customers.

The second design is the MacBook Pro 2019 13 inch model. It’s for those people who are more interested in power than screen size. According to the report, the smaller MacBook Pro might come with a 32GB of RAM. The two designs will Apple target two different types of buyers with different interests and benefits.

Upgrades on the latest MacBook Pro


We have already revealed the screen sizes. The 2019 models will have P3 Wide Color support as well as True Tone, which were introduced in earlier MacBook Pros.

The display of 16-inch screen will have 2880x1800 resolution with 220 pixels per inch while the 13 inches will have the 2560x1600 resolution with 227 pixels. Both displays will support millions of colors, including P3 Wide Color, to produce more vivid views.

The Keyboard

The MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard will be third-gen butterfly type, but better than the one in its predecessor. Apple mentioned that the butterfly keyboard in the 2019 model would feature “new materials” but didn’t provide details on what the new materials are. We can only wait and see.

Apple also mentioned that the new keyboard would cut down on keyboard failures witnessed in prior models such as keys failing to work at all. The butterfly keyboard has been common in MacBooks since 2016.


The Force Touch trackpad doubles in size in 2016. Apple introduced the trackpad to offer more room for gestures. It replaced the physical button press with Taptic Engine powered tactile feedback, and that too is being upgraded in the new MacBook Pro 2019.

The Force Touch will support a light press that's usually a regular click and will support a deeper press as well. It will be able to recognize them as different gestures with different purposes.

Touch ID

Next to the Touch Bar, there will be a Touch ID fingerprint sensor that will be used in the place of a password. By just placing your finger on the sensor covered by sapphire crystal, you will be able to unlock the MacBook Pro, log in to your protected apps without entering passwords, and make purchases.

Touch Bar

The 2019 MacBook Pro will have a Touch Bar like it’s elder siblings, but an upgraded one. The Touch Bar is a small OLED Retina display with multi-touch capabilities. In 2019 models, it will support the True Tone and allow the white balance to match the lighting conditions.

These and more upgrades will be revealed to the world at the planned launch. The 2019 MacBook Pro will make a significant impact on the PC market. The question is, will you need it?

Reasons to Buy One

  • If you want a better display
  • Need more power
  • To enjoy a better keyboard
  • Better Touch ID
  • If you want Hey Siri
  • If you keep your computer for longer

Otherwise, if your reasons don’t come close to the ones above, and you have the MacBook Pro 2017 or 2018, you can keep it for longer instead. Unless you win one in a draw or you have some money to spare.


MacBook Pro 2019 sounds terrific. It’s not yet out, but the world is restless and anxious about the computer. Hopefully, it will be worth the attention and worth the extra dollar. By the end of 2019, the new MacBook 2019 will be in the stores.


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