Exclusive Automotive Fragrances : bentley beyond

‘Bentley Beyond’ Captures the Color, Emotion & Scent of Journeys

‘Bentley Beyond’ is the first unisex perfume collection from Bentley Fragrances and it takes inspiration from a passion for travel and exotic destinations. The collection includes a trio of scents, each of which captures the color, emotion and scent of a different journey. With precious ingredients, Bentley Beyond is said to “translates a voyage into scent.”

A Trip to Acapulco with Exotic Musk conjures the essence of blue bays, cliffs and oceanside Mexican resorts with notes of amber, orris, white wood and tonka bean, while A Journey to Goa with Majestic Cashmere takes cues from the Arabian Sea and a fusion of Hindu, Portuguese and Ottoman influences. The third and final perfume in the collection, An Odyssey in Java with Wild Vetiver, channels rainforests and ancient stone temples.

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