Please, Facebook, give these chatbots a subtext!

Imagine yourself in a restaurant, waiting for a table. A stranger approaches and asks, “Do you come here often?” Do you  Reply, “Yes, and how come I’ve never seen your type here before?” because you agree to pick up on the hint and flirt?  Glower and say nothing because you want to be left alone?  […]

Open Distro for Elasticsearch is Amazon’s move to show it’s pro-open source

Why does AWS keep talking about “builders” instead of developers? “Builders” aren’t necessarily developers, explains Ariel Kelman, VP of worldwide marketing for AWS — they’re anyone within an organization with a certain mindset. Amazon Web Services (AWS) just launched Open Distro for Elasticsearch. This program takes AWS’s recent proprietary additions to Elasticsearch and open sources […]

Hat-Shaped Hair Growth Lasers : hair growth laser

The HairMax RegrowMD Laser 272 Conveniently Fits Into Caps The innovative HairMax RegrowMD Laser 272 is a hair growth laser that helps to reverse thinning hair with sessions of just 30 minutes, three times weekly. While there are countless overhead systems that can be used to stimulate hair growth, this solution from HairMax sets itself […]