Neon-Hued Chunky Running Shoes : D/ONE

Donup Introduces a Chunky Silhouette Entitled the D/ONE Italian fashion label Dondup branches out to offering sneaker models this season with the inaugural running-inspired design entitled the D/ONE sneaker. It is constructed from premium products made in Italy with a performance-driven element delivered by the lightweight Vibram soles. Impressively, the sneakers come in 22 colorways […]

F5 Networks to acquire NGINX

F5 Networks on Monday announced that it will acquire NGINX, which provides popular open-source software of the same name, for $670 million. The deal advances F5’s aim of capitalizing on the trend toward multi-cloud deployments. F5 plans to enhance NGINX’s current offerings with F5 security solutions and will integrate F5 cloud-native technology with NGINX’s software […]

Who are you, citizen data scientist?

Citizen Data Scientists Citizen data scientists answer questions and solve problems using government stats Ugh. Everyone is talking about the citizen data scientist, but no one can define it (perhaps they know one when they see one).  Here goes – the simplest definition of a citizen data scientist is: non-data scientist. That’s not a pejorative; it just […]