Sprint files lawsuit against AT&T over 5G claims

Sprint has filed a lawsuit against AT&T over its 5G E advertising, calling it false and misleading by deceiving customers to believe that its 4G LTE Advanced network is actually 5G. The complaint claims that AT&T is making itself seem more technologically advanced than its competitors, which is causing “irreparable harm” to Sprint. “AT&T has […]

Playfully Bold Fashion Collections : Bold Fashion Collection

The Latest Dickies Clothing is Colorful, Bold and Youth-Centric Celebrated workwear label Dickies drops a stunningly bold fashion collection for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. Tapping into contemporary youth street culture, the brand’s newest release takes the form of vignettes. That is, there are three distinct subcategories within the Spring/Summer 2019 range. One aligns itself with […]

Waterless Sheet Masks : dry sheet mask

Bare Me’s Next-Generation Dry Sheet Masks are Mess-Free & Travel-Friendly Bare Me is a Canadian beauty start-up that makes water-free dry sheet masks that are packed with more than 96% active ingredients to deeply nourish and repair the skin. Unlike many popular sheet masks, clay masks or other types of facial treatments, these products are […]