Google explores AI’s mysterious polytope

Some more clues are leaking out about the description two weeks ago of Google’s AlphaStar machine learning system that competes in the video game StarCraft. A key element may be the mysterious “polytope.”  What is a polytope? A Euclidean geometric figure of N dimensions, of which two-dimensional polygons and three-dimensional polyhedra are the familiar examples. […]

Colorful Inclusive Lingerie Lines : inclusive lingerie

Fantabody is Inspired by Female Bodies and Blooming Flowers Fantabody launches its inclusive lingerie offerings for its Fall/Winter 2019 season. Dubbed ‘Fleur D’Hiver,’ the collection includes colorful bodysuits, playful dresses and other undergarments with interesting textures. It is said that the Italian label’s offerings draw inspiration from the beauties of a blooming flower and the […]

Giuseppe Rossi I have sacrificed too much for this game

MANCHESTER — It’s a freezing Friday on the outskirts of Manchester. Snow has been cleared from the carpark at the AON Training Complex. But it’s no “Beast from the East” and nothing, one imagines, compared with winters in New Jersey. Giuseppe Rossi has been out in the icy conditions this morning, completing a finishing session […]