Prep: The battle to access ‘game-changing’ HIV drug

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Prep reduces the risk of HIV-negative people acquiring the infection A “game-changing” drug in the fight against HIV reduces the risk of acquiring the condition. But those at high risk of contracting the virus have struggled to get hold of the medication, despite the NHS trialling it across England. […]

Compact Music Festival Bags : music festival bag

The Lunchbox is a Secure and Convenient Accessory for Any Festival Music festival bags are extremely important, especially in the summer when one could get seriously dehydrated. The Lunchbox offers a feasible solution for those who are looking to carry their possessions in a seamless and secure manner. Funded on Kickstarter, the “amazing pack” features […]

Electromagnetic Skincare Wands : FaceNavi Smart Wand

Olay’s FaceNavi Smart Wand Offers Targeted Beauty Treatments Olay is showing its FaceNavi Smart Wand at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show as a valuable gadget that has the potential to save people time and money on their skincare routine. The device itself makes the most of electromagnetic technology and works with the Olay Skin Advisor […]